Huynh-Nhu (Mimi) Le, Ph.D.

Huynh-Nhu (Mimi) Le

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Huynh-Nhu (Mimi) Le, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at George Washington University. She is a clinical and community psychologist with expertise in the prevention and treatment of major depression using cognitive-behavioral interventions. She was/is the PI of two grants funded by the DHHS/HRSA/Maternal and Child Health Bureau: (a) a randomized controlled trial to test the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral intervention to prevent perinatal depression in low-income at high risk Latinas in the Washington DC community (2004-2008); (b) a community based study to integrate screening and evidence based prevention interventions for perinatal depression in the Women Infants and Children (WIC) program in Washington DC, for low-income ethnically diverse women (2010-2012/current).  In addition, she was the co-investigator of a NIMH intervention development grant, which evaluated a cognitive-behavioral RCT to prevent perinatal depression in low-income predominantly Mexican women in the San Francisco, CA region (NIMH R21 MH 59605; PI: Muñoz; 2000-2003). All of these projects have a predominant focus on low-income Latina immigrants during the perinatal period.



In Press:

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