Karen Nieves-Lugo

Karen Nieves-Lugo

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Karen Nieves-Lugo, PhD, MPH is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at The George Washington University, Washington, DC.  Dr. Nieves-Lugo received her Ph.D. in Psychology and her MPH in Biostatistics from the University of Puerto Rico.


Current Research

Her current HIV/AIDS-related research activities include an Individual Postdoctoral Fellowships (F32) regarding to HIV and physical function.



Dr. Nieves-Lugo received her Ph.D. in Psychology and her MPH in Biostatistics from the University of Puerto Rico.


In Press/Under Review:

Nieves-Lugo, K., Rohrbeck, C. A., Nakamura, N. & Zea, M.C. (In Press). Interventions with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning communities. In M. Bond & I. Serrano-Garcia (Eds.), Handbook of Community Psychology. American Psychological Association.


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