Natalie Alizaga

Natalie Alizaga

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 Natalie M. Alizaga is a doctoral candidate in the Applied Social Psychology program. Her research focuses on the detrimental effects of discrimination on health, and particularly how institutional and interpersonal forms of discrimination prevent access to health care. Her dissertation will explore the role of minority stress in explaining transgender men's cervical cancer screening behaviors. Natalie's research also touches upon how holding a feminist identity may serve as a protective factor against discriminatory experiences, as well as the relation between neoliberal ideology and health behavior. Prior to attending GW, she served as a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Evaluation Fellow in Saint Paul, MN. She received her MPH from The University of Michigan, and her BS in Health Science from San Jose State University.


Current Research

Effects of discrimination on health risk behaviors and outcomes

LGBT health


Social determinants of health


San Jose State University, BS in Health Science (concentration in Community Health), 2007
University of Michigan, MPH (concentration in Health Behavior and Health Education), 2009



Peer-reviewed publications

Bay-Cheng, L., Fitz, C.C., Alizaga, N.M., & Zucker, A.N. (in press). Tracking Homo Oeconomicus: Development of the Neoliberal Beliefs Inventory. Journal of Social and Political Psychology. 

Manuscripts under review

Potter, J., Peitzmeier, S.M., Bernstein, I., Reisner, S.L., Alizaga, N.M., & Agenor, M., & Pardee, D.J. (under review). Cervical cancer screening for patients on the female-to-male spectrum: A guide for clinicians. Journal of General Internal Medicine.

Alizaga, N.M. & Zucker, A.N. (under review). Gender identity discrimination and income status as correlates of health risk among transgender men. Translational Issues in Psychological Science.

Technical reports and non-peer-reviewed publications

Alizaga, N.M., Holm-Hansen, C., Martell Kelly, L., & Atella, J. (2011). Evaluation Toolkit: How to evaluate activities intended to increase awareness and use of colorectal cancer screening. Washington D.C.:     National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable. Available from

Selected peer-reviewed presentations

Aguayo-Romero, R.A., & Alizaga, N.M. (2015, April). Transgender-related harassment and bullying in school-based settings. Poster presentation to be presented at the 2015 National Transgender Health Summit. Oakland, CA.

Alizaga, N.M. (2014, November). Does income moderate the discrimination-health relation among transmen and gender non-conforming assigned females at birth? Poster presentation delivered at the 142nd American Public Health Association Annual Meeting. New Orleans, LA.

Alizaga, N.M. & Aguayo Romero, R.A. (2013, November). Individual factors linked to experiences of health care discrimination among transgender people. Paper presentation delivered at the 141st American Public Health Association Annual Meeting. Boston, MA.

Aguayo Romero, R.A. & Alizaga, N.M. (2012, October). Intersectionality of ‘queer’ and ethnic identities among transgender people in the United States. Paper presentation delivered at the First International Queer Interdisciplinary Colloquium. Quito, Ecuador.  

Alizaga, N.M. (2012, October). Traditional gender role ideology and its potential impact on women’s sexual wellbeing and health promotive behaviors. Poster presentation delivered at the 140th American Public Health Association Annual Meeting. San Francisco, CA.

Alizaga, N.M. (2012, April). Gender Roles, Sexual Subjectivity, and Diminished Subjective Perceptions of Sexual Behavior Among Undergraduate Women. Poster presentation delivered at the Latina Researchers Conference. New York, NY.

Alizaga, N.M., Getahun, M., Herrera, D., Jatau, A., Millett, R., Harris, K.K., McDonald, D., & Jay, M. (2010, November). Emerging Evaluators and the Future of Culturally Responsive Evaluation. Roundtable discussion presented at the American Evaluation Association Annual Conference. San Antonio, Texas.

Selected invited presentations

Hopson, R.K. & Alizaga, N.M. (2011, March). Towards a more equitable evaluation: Culturally responsive evaluation theory, practice, cases, and lessons learned. Seminar given at the Minnesota Evaluation Studies Institute. Saint Paul, MN.

Alizaga, N.M. (2010, November). How evaluation can help build success: CRC Evaluation 101 Toolkit. Invited speaker at the National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable Annual Meeting. Washington, D.C.