Serena Lo

[email protected]


Current Research

  • Risk perception and health-related behaviors
  • sexual communication and self-disclosure
  • health effects of masculine role norms


University of Washington, B.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology 
The Johns Hopkins University, M.S. in Developmental Psychology



Lo, S.C. (2014, March). Does food labeling affect food decisions?  Presented at the Symposium on Consumer Behavior and Food Science Innovations for Optimal Nutrition. New York, NY.


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Lo, S. C., Zea, M. C., & Poppen, P. J. (2009). Information uncertainty and sexual disclosures in the era of HIV/AIDS. In W. A. Afifi, & T. Afifi (Eds.), Uncertainty, Information Management, and Disclosure Decisions: Theories and Applications (pp. 254-276). New York: Routledge.

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Zea, M. C., Reisen, C. A., Poppen, P. J., Bianchi, F. T., Lo, S.  (August, 2009).  Experiences of Discrimination and Depression among immigrant Latino MSM.  Invited symposium, American Psychological Association meeting, Toronto.


Lo, S. C., Poppen, P. J., & Calabrese*, S.K. (2008, March). Exploring the roles of impression management and gender norm conformity in relation to sexual history disclosure.  Poster presented at the 2008 National STD Prevention Conference, Chicago, IL.


Calabrese*, S.K., Lo*, S.C., Zea, M.C., Poppen, P.J., Bianchi, F.T., & Reisen, C.A. (2006, November). Cultural ideology and sexual risk-taking behavior among Latino MSM. Poster presented at the 2006 Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, NV.