Veronica Pinho

Veronica Pinho

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Veronica is a doctoral student in the Clinical/Community Psychology program. She previously served as program manager for an HIV prevention intervention for youth in substance use treatment and program coordinator for several HIV mental health training grants at the HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies based at the New York State Psychiatric Institute and the Columbia University Department of Psychiatry. Prior to attending GWU, Veronica received her MA from Columbia University and her BS from Fordham University. 

Current Research

HIV prevention and treatment adherence interventions; HIV risk behaviors among at risk youth; Psychosocial and cultural factors affecting HIV risk and resilience among Latino and Brazilian populations; Syndemic Theory; Global mental health initiatives


Columbia University, M.A. in Psychology in Education: Personality and Psychopathology Track, 2012

Fordham University, B.S. in Psychology, 2009



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