The Latino Health Research Center

A GW student in a suit presenting a research poster titled "Socio-Economic Status as a Predictor of Sexual Behaviors Among Latino-Immigrant MSM and Partners"

The Latino Health Research Center (LHRC) produces cutting-edge research on a variety of health topics affecting Latinos. These include behavioral aspects of HIV/AIDS and the ways that environmental stressors like rejection and discrimination can cause emotional distress. 

Housed in GW’s Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, the center also trains future researchers in behavioral and public health.





  • To increase understanding of the complex and multiple factors that affect health behaviors, and specifically sexual risk behavior, among Latinos in the United States and abroad, and among other ethnic minority groups in the United States
  • To advance research concerning health behavior and health disparities by elaborating the role and importance of the cultural, situational and structural context, as well as the relevant characteristics of the individual person
  • To train and nurture future researchers who will advance the field of behavioral health and contribute to a critical knowledge base relevant to public health
  • To increase the group's prominence through academic excellence and extramural funding on health issues among ethnic minority groups, and in doing so, enhance the reputation and visibility of the George Washington University


Ana María del Río-González


"I’m a researcher at heart, but we always need to think beyond the research and look at how we can apply it to the people we’re working with."

Ana María del Río-González
Assistant Research Professor of Psychology